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I have to say I love Stefan more now.I love his humanity more than his face.Maybe The Vampire Diary is such a rubbish to some people,but I have to say it's mean a lot to me,it will affect my rest lifetime. I think none of the characters in this show should be hated,even the bad guys,
The third season told me that everybody has humanity in the deep of their hearts. I think Demon is the bug,but without him,TVD won't be so hunted.
Compared with Stefan,I never loved anyone,I'm even not sure if I will choose to die for my parents, although they are the ones who bring me to this world.Elena is 17yeas old,I am,too.Such a different.
It's weird I feel nothing about my bad score,really nothing. And I can't figure it out.Maybe this term,I really didn't take my heart to study.
Anyway,I love TVD,I love Stefan,then Elena and Jeremy also Ric.Oh, what's the hell I am thinking all about!Hope I could get over it and move on.